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Iridescence Festival Collection

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Summer Staples

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Iridescence Festival Collection

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your essential summer designs

Summer Staples

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consciously crafted clothing

Fusion Threads Co. is a handcrafted apparel brand featuring hand-dyed natural and organic fibers. Run by powerful women, FTC aims to uplift our sisters through love, magic, and sustainable fashion. Our style is bold yet earthy and always reminiscent of a retro aesthetic. Since our clothes are as comfortable as they are beautiful, you'll know that no matter what the occasion, our garments will empower you to embody your most radiant and authentic self.

Each piece is consciously crafted by women in Tennessee.

spring/summer 2024 collections

Alexa Tee 'Royal Berry'

$50.00 $80.00

Banded Bike Shorts 'Amethyst Deceiver'


Banded Bike Shorts 'Black'


Banded Bike Shorts 'Dusty Teal'


Banded Bike Shorts 'Fluorite'


Banded Bike Shorts 'Royal Magenta'


Banded Bike Shorts 'Sage'


Blake Bralette 'Black'

$60.00 $70.00

Blake Bralette 'Cocoa'


Blake Bralette 'Druzy Chrysocolla'


Blake Bralette 'Rhodolite'


Blake Bralette Sport 'Amethyst Deceiver'


designed with intention

our mission

Fusion Threads strives to create sustainable and effortless clothing that inspires customers to live authentically and comfortably in their own bodies, knowing that confidence starts with embodiment.

designed with our bodies in mind

organic & plant based

We believe that natural fibers should be the only fabrics that adorn beautiful bodies. Each collection features a variety of designs intentionally hand crafted from sustainably sourced, organic and plant based fabric blends. Your body will feel the difference.

designed with the planet in mind

minimal waste production

In an effort to both minimize our carbon footprint and give our hand-dyed & luxurious textiles the fullest life possible, we use our scraps and remnants left over from production to create unique and beautiful accessories.

designed with you in mind


One of the biggest reasons we choose to offer made-to-order collections is to ensure size inclusivity! We know that most people fall outside of the fashion industry’s standard. If it is hard to find bells that are long enough…or short enough, we have you covered.