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Autumn Collection

Our November Collection, dropped on Friday the 13th this month, is arguably our most cohesive collection yet!

There are so many ways to wear all these pieces and so many outfit possibilities!

Comprised of brand new, beautiful, warm, autumnal hues and featuring seasonal staples, this collection is made up of 

  • organic cotton hoodies and cropped sweatshirts*
  • bamboo/cotton Boho Bell Bottoms (cut long and hemmed to order)
  • Long Sleeve Crystal Crop-Tops
  • Cropped Long Sleeve Alexas*
  • Unisex Pocket Joggers*
  • Mystic Hooded Shawls
  • Lace Trimmed Muse Dusters
  • Winona Work Shirt*

* indicates a new design

Every Winona Work Shirt matches a pair of Boho Bells, creating some of the most sophisticated, funky, and retro inspired 2-piece sets we have ever done!

The Long Sleeve Crystals and Alexas also pair well with any of the Joggers and Bell Bottoms due to all tones in the colorways being of the same family.

The Muse Duster and Hooded Shawl are made of some brand new, and one-of-a-kind colorways and are some of the only 'statement colors' in this collection.

Our Hoodies and Sweatshirts are all made from organic cotton and dyed by Galit. They were purchased from Royal Apparel and then modified by the Fusion Threads team to be able to offer some more affordable and universal fall staples.

We are thrilled by the outcome of this collection and are so excited to send these beauties to their new homes (although there are so many pieces we wanted to keep for ourselves!)

with so much love,


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