Fusion Threads Collective is a grassroots apparel brand with a psychedelic soul. 

Our Story

Inspired by the elements, colors found in nature, music, movement, art, community and culture, Fusion Threads weaves together various influences of divine artistic expression, aspiring to become a brand rooted in creativity, connection, and collaboration. We chose the name Fusion Threads to highlight interconnectedness and teamwork. Fusion is the marriage of not only Mariel and Galit’s artistic specialties, but also of our partners, future production teams, and creative influences from all over the world. We believe we are stronger when we work together and when we choose collaboration over competition. At the heart of our brand is a devotion to true artistry. With every design and color, we pay incredible attention to detail and ensure that every aspect is intentional and beautiful.

Our Vision

The goal at Fusion Threads is to become a truly ethical fashion brand: one that promotes environmental sustainability, shared wealth and opportunity, diversity, and most importantly respect for all employees, partners, customers and every community involved with FTC. We promise to remain transparent about our process and willing to learn and adapt as we grow - showing up with integrity in every step. Aware that impact is greater than intent and mindful of our own.

Our Mission

“To create a conscious and collaborative community through sustainably handcrafted clothing."

Our Team

Meet the Fusion Threads Collective


Mariel Rico

Head Designer | Seamstress | Content

Mariel is a lifelong fashionista and has been sewing since she was 9 years old when her Nana bought her first sewing machine and taught her how to sew! She believes that there are people who love fashion and then there are people who are truly moved by clothing, knowing that the right garment can completely alter how you feel about yourself and how you move through the world. She considers herself the latter and strives to create clothing that brings about this special sense of confidence. Mariel studied fair-trade fashion with a focus on female-empowerment in college at Indiana University and is extremely passionate about social entrepreneurship and community building. In 2016, she traveled to Guatemala to visit fair-trade artisan cooperatives and see firsthand the impact these practices can have on women and entire communities. After graduating, she spent 5 months in Peru working for a fair-trade apparel brand called, Huaywasi, where she helped create designs and samples for the Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Mariel’s biggest inspiration comes from fabric. She started making clothing after a long hiatus when she fell in love with traditional woven textiles (Ikat) from Guatemala. From weaving, to embroidery, to various dye techniques, she believes that fabric is not only an incredible artistic medium but also a beautiful storyteller. While Mariel loves clothing and style, she believes that fashion is merely a means to an end - a way to bring about positive change, allocate resources to those who have been systemically marginalized, and to change the narrative around beauty and self-image. Her biggest dream with FTC is to create an ethical brand that betters the lives of those involved while promoting a respectful and conscious community who is aware of their impact. Mariel is living and loving in Chattanooga, Tennessee and cares deeply about strengthening local community ties through FTC.


Galit Conrad

Master Dye Artist | Graphic Designer

Every piece of clothing created for Fusion Threads Collective is a work of art and that is all thanks to our extremely talented dye artist, Galit. Galit pays incredible attention to detail and has spent almost 10 years and thousands of hours perfecting her craft. She is willing to do whatever is necessary and possible to achieve stunning results and only wants her customers to feel radiant and confident in her designs. Her geode inspired dye technique has evolved beautifully over time and we believe it is a major part of what makes FTC’s brand so special. Galit previously owned her own tie-dye clothing shop on Etsy, but after becoming frustrated with trying to find quality blanks to display her artwork she reached out to Mariel about potentially starting a collaborative business in order to provide truly luxurious garments. Dyeing fabric is not Galit’s only area of visual artistry. She studied graphic design while in school at the University of Georgia and creates all of Fusion’s graphics as well as the design of our entire website! As we grow, Galit aspires to combine both of her artistic mediums so that we can continue to set the bar higher for luxurious and vibrant patterns. Galit's dyes are truly one-of-a-kind and only continue to increase in beauty and depth. In her free time, Gailt loves snowboarding, lounging with her Husband, and cuddling her adorable kitties.


Haley Hamblen

Photographer | Social Media Manager | Communications

Guided by intuition and gratitude, Haley views each day as a new opportunity to find beauty and wonderment in all that graces the present moment. Growing up, she spent much of her time curiously observing the grace of Mother Earth and its inhabitants- only wishing she could share the majesty she saw with others. On her twelfth birthday, she was given her first camera and her dream came true. For over a decade, Haley and her camera continued to capture the beauty of people and the planet mainly for fun. Dabbling in many career paths ranging from professional singer to professional farmer, she discovered her deepest desires and guiding values. She wanted nothing more in life than to be close to nature, strive for sustainably, express herself creatively, and share life with a conscious, collective community of loving people. One thing was left to figure out: how to support herself on a dream. In the Summer 2020, Haley left her Georgia home and relocated to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Planning to travel in 2021, it was only her intention to stay long enough to build out a school bus for her adventures. For the first time in her life, she released fear and anxiety surrounding her future and began enjoying miracles of the present moment. Only a few weeks later, Mariel serendipitously moved to Chattanooga and Haley found a soul sister. Inspired and excited by the success of her friends, Haley jumped at the opportunity to support Mariel and Galit by photographing Fusion Threads’ Fall 2020 collection. Observing her sisters’ victory in creating creative careers that aligned with their desires and values, she grew more and more hopeful that it was possible to achieve the same for herself. As the weeks went on, Haley’s excitement for travel was outshined by a new love for Chattanooga and the amazing people she had created a beautiful community with. One evening, Mariel asked Haley to stay and help grow Fusion Threads Co. alongside her and Galit. Open to the universe’s blessings- it was an immediate yes. Still observing and capturing beauty everyday, you can now find Haley photographing Fusion Threads creations, as well as heading up communications and vibe curation.


Audrey Loyd


Audrey has always been a creative soul, captivated by color and motivated by quality. As a child, her mother taught her to use a sewing machine which instilled a curiosity and adoration for the fiber arts. As a member of the costume department at the Poplar Pike Playhouse, Audrey created costumes for productions including Beauty and the Beast, Ragtime, and 42nd Street. During this time her passions for creative garment construction and live performance production developed side by side. After high school her focus shifted to academics. Audrey moved across Tennessee in 2009 to attend the University of Chattanooga where she earned her BAs in Sociology and French. After graduation Audrey lived in the South of France for a few years teaching English to high school students, continuing her own studies, and traveling throughout Europe. France will always hold a place in her heart; ultimately she knew that Chattanooga is home. Since her return to the States, Audrey has been involved in supporting the local music and art scenes, taking advantage of Chattanooga’s outdoors, and exploring her own creative endeavors. The year 2020 forced Audrey back behind the sewing machine to make more masks than she could count. Ready to move on to more exciting projects in the new year, she decided to use her creative talents full time. Dedicated to working with fabric and yearning to master industrial machines and professional techniques, Audrey manifested a position where she would be an integral member of a team working with intention to achieve sustainable, slow fashion, female empowerment, and community integration. Audrey aspires to bring her grounding Virgo ambition and creativity to this powerful team of magical women while making beautiful, comfortable, conscious fashion and rooting Fusion Threads Collective in the Chattanooga community.