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Meditation Mat "Horizon"
Meditation Mat "Horizon"
Meditation Mat "Horizon"
Meditation Mat "Horizon"
Meditation Mat "Horizon"
Meditation Mat "Horizon"

Meditation Mat "Horizon"

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Woven by Holy Moly Textiles with FTC Scraps, this beautiful piece is the perfect addition to your sacred space, your alter, or your meditation corner. These mats are totally minimal waste and loom woven by Chelsea of Holy Moly Textiles using various Fusion scraps.

This one features the "horizon" and is wonderful for those who need a new beginning, have dreams they are trying to actualize, and those who love to meditate in the morning or during sunrise.

Potential Uses:

  • meditation mat
  • alter cloth
  • accent rug
  • plant rug 
  • table cloth
  • travel mat

Measures 25" x 25" with 4 inch fringe tassels.

Waist Hips Bust
XS 21-26 31-36 31-34
S 26-29 34-37 34-37
M 29-32 38-44  37-39
L 32-36 42-46 40-45
XL 35-42 46-52 45-48


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