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Fusion Rack

This collection features sample designs, one-of-a-kind pieces, and designs that may not be restocked. Some pieces may have been returned or were pulled aside due to a fabric imperfection. Every piece has been inspected for quality and any imperfections have been repaired and will be noted in the description. 

Alexa Tee 'Royal Berry'

$50.00 $80.00

Banded Bike Shorts 'Black'


Basic Bike Shorts 'Amethyst Deceiver'


Elle Bralette 'Cherry Pop'

$70.00 $77.00

Full Length Crystal Mock Neck 'Black'

$65.00 $90.00

Kristina Mini Dress 'Black'

$111.00 $120.00

Kristina Mini Dress 'Dusty Teal'

$111.00 $130.00

Kristina Mini Dress 'Royal Magenta'

$111.00 $130.00

Kristina Mini Dress 'Sage'

$111.00 $130.00

Lace Bike Shorts 'Cherry Pop'

$60.00 $77.00

Lace Muse Duster 'Black'

$100.00 $140.00

Lace Muse Duster 'Dusty Teal'


Muse Duster 'Blue Oyster'

$100.00 $150.00

Ruffled Shorties 'Royal Magenta' Bamboo Terry


Velour Lace Tank 'Cherry Pop'

$75.00 $95.00

Velour Lace Tank 'Dusty Teal'

$80.00 $95.00

Velour Lace Tank 'Royal Magental'

$80.00 $95.00

WIDE STRAP Blake Bralette 'Dusty Teal'