Process and Policies

Our Process

Here at FTC, we believe that confidence is where style meets comfort!

For the first two years, nearly every garment was made from Bamboo fabric (95% bamboo, 5% spandex). As we have grown and decided to move away from solely made-to-order production, we are experimenting with other fibers including tencel, hemp, and cotton blends. This allows us to not only create wearable art, but also to create garments made from the most appropriate materials for form and function, while also increasing durability and longevity.

Sustainable fabric sourcing and minimal waste production are extremely important to us, but they are not the foundation of the brand. Rather we are rooted in the idea of creating a conscious community, and one that transcends the boundaries of sustainable and ethical fashion.

For the first two and a half years of Fusion's existence, nearly the entire production process was made-to-order, meaning that every single piece was custom made. While this is wonderful for customers, it was rather stressful for us to ensure that we could meet our customer's expectations. So after a very busy summer in 2020, we made the decision to move to ready-to-ship collections only. From now on, we will have bi-monthly releases in order for us to regain some creative freedom and foster high quality garments with no discrepancies.



The dye process on the 'statement' colors takes about 72 hours and each garment takes about 2-4 hours to sew. For this reason, we do not offer returns. 

We will still occasionally offer custom sizing if you do not regularly see your size listed in our releases to ensure size inclusivity! If you choose the custom size, you must leave all necessary measurements in the notes at checkout. Email us if you need assistance taking measurements! We cannot offer refunds or exchanges if you order the wrong size, so please reach out if you have any questions prior to ordering. 

Due to the nature of tie-dye, every batch will vary. This makes every piece truly unique and a work of art and magic. We do not take custom color requests. We do not offer exchanges based on the color. 

There are currently no refunds on clothing because our production process is so time consuming. We will offer refunds on home decor products for up to 30 days after shipping. Email if you have any questions or concerns.

Our creative process has taken years to cultivate and is very time and labor intensive. We put immense love into every garment and believe every one is full of magic. 

In order to minimize fabric waste, we sell all of our scraps to be made into beautiful crafts and patchwork pieces!

Disclaimer: We use Dawn dish soap in order to fully rinse out the dye during the initial wash out and often diffuse essential oils while in the studio. While most of our customers say that our garments smell AMAZING, the smell may bother you if you are allergic or sensitive to synthetic fragrances.