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Iridescence Accessories Collection

An equally retro and bewitching accessories collection made by a group of female artists using fabric from our 'Iridescence' Collections.


- Handmade Chokers by Sun Moon and Crystals

- Loom Woven Coasters by Holy Moly Textiles

- Festival inspired accessories by Brianna Havics

- Headbands, Flags, Bandanas, Bucket Hats by Fusion Threads

Bucket Hat 'Iridescence' (Hemp Terry)

$80.00 $100.00

Coasters (Set of 2) 'Iridescence' FTC X HMT


Fusion Flags 'Iridescence'


Triangle Crochet Bra Top 'Iridescence'

$40.00 $47.00

Velour Headband 'Iridescence'


Y2K Crochet Purse 'Black & Iridescence'

$50.00 $70.00