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Minimal Waste Accessories

accessories for you or your home made from our fabric!

most of these products reduce fabric waste and ensure that our beautiful materials are utilized as mindfully as possible

Bucket Hat 'Iridescence' (Hemp Terry)

$80.00 $100.00

Bucket Hats (Hemp Terry)

$60.00 $80.00

Coasters (Set of 2) "Eclipse" FTC X HMT


Coasters (Set of 2) "Pumpkin Spice" FTC X HMT


Coasters (Set of 2) "Stormy Sky" FTC X HMT


Coasters (Set of 4) "Pumpkin Spice" FTC X HMT


Deep Blues Knitted Cowl


Meditation Mat "Flower Power"


Meditation Mat "Horizon"


Mixed Fabric Remnants


Mixed Scrap Fabric