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Sea & Siren: Shoreline Collection

The 3rd and final edit of Fusion's Summer Collection, 'Sea & Siren' arrives today at 3pm EST!

This collection is comprised of our favorite seasonal and seasonless designs featured in our hand-dyed in hero colorway 'Shoreline' as well as solid black.

*Butterfly Sleeve* Wanderess Wrap-Top 'Black'

From $75.00 $90.00

*Butterfly Sleeve* Wanderess Wrap-Top 'Shoreline'

From $80.00 $99.00

*NEW FIT* Priestess Kaftan 'Black'

$140.00 $145.00

*UPDATED FIT* Caballera Gauchos 'Shoreline' Hemp/Cotton

From $92.00 $115.00

Banded Bike Shorts 'Shoreline'

From $62.00 $77.00

Kristina Crop 'Aqua'

From $80.00 $99.00

Ruffled Shorties 'Shoreline' Tencel

From $50.00 $70.00