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Behind The Design: Roots & Reflections Collections ~ Mother's Day 2021

Posted by Haley Hamblen on

Everyday hundreds of thousands of maidens turn into mothers with more than 215 thousand babies being born each day! As the women of Fusion Threads Collective get older, more of our friends and families are bringing little starseeds of their own into this earthly realm. With our hormones ramping up to prepare us to do the same, we can’t help but keep the magic of motherhood in the forefront of our minds. Studio chats often consist of conversations revolving around questions like: “How will I raise my own child when the time comes?”, or, “How will I create a lifestyle that is healthy and abundant for my child AND myself?”. With Mother’s Day around the corner, we collectively honed in to focus on how we could support and honor mothers navigating the odyssey of raising their little wildings. 

Clothing is not only an essential need, but also a means of self expression. As a conscious, sustainable brand who values natural materials, comfort, and style- it was a no brainer that we provide designs with baby in mind. And just like that, baby threads were added to the Fusion menu! It is quite often that we hear mothers learning more about the consequences of fast fashion and synthetic fibers on the health of the planet and also on their sensitive babes! With this knowledge, more moms are prioritizing safer, more wholesome materials when choosing clothing for their little ones and themselves. Additionally, we wanted to provide matching colorways to reflect and celebrate the bond between mother and child. With our threads standing the test of time, we believe these pieces can be kept and passed down to multiple generations. What special, precious heirlooms they could be. 

Choosing designs with mom in mind was a big priority for us as well. In this day and age, most women feel the pressure for their bodies to fit a certain mold. When thinking of the bodily changes that come with motherhood, we are extremely sensitive and empathetic to women who are learning to find joy in their new form. The spiritual community persists that we should love ourselves exactly how we are, and while we agree, many of us find that to be a harder feat than portrayed. When buying clothes, we find that functional and fashionable are one in the same for moms. When choosing designs for this release we set our sights on creating clothing for comfort, ease, utility, and flattery for all. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into the thought process behind our choices for the Mother’s Day Collection:

Wanderess Wrap Top
With four ways to wear this piece, there’s no occasion it can’t cater to! This design pairs great with any outfit you can imagine: your favorite flowy skirt, a relaxed pair of pants, cozy shorties, or even over a dress! We crafted our newest iteration of this Fusion favorite with Hemp Jersey fabric for heightened comfort, durability, and elegance. A common comment from our customers is that it’s a dream for breastfeeding on the fly. The wanderess wrap top is mom-approved and hungry baby friendly! What’s not to love?

Kaftan Mini Dress
We recognize that styling outfits each day can be more of a chore than a joy for busy moms. Our Kaftan Mini Dress is a superb staple to keep moms looking and feeling snazzy. While postpartum bellies are a beautiful badge of honor and grace, many women begin their journey of motherhood feeling slightly insecure about their new bodies. Our Kaftan Mini Dress was chosen with those mamas in mind. This flowy piece grazes those feminine curves with class and is effortlessly flattering on all body types. Stressing about their shape should be the last thing on mom’s mind. Feeling beautiful is a breeze in our Kaftan Mini Dress.

Muse Duster

In honor of the greatest muses of the universe, we dedicate this design to all of the magnificent mamas out there. The muse duster is a piece of wearable art that does its job highlighting the natural, unique, mystifying aura of the women who wear it. This hassle-free accessory can be thrown on over any simple outfit for added spice and is sure to turn heads. Nowhere to go? It’s also a cute robe to wear running around the house (or running around after your little rascal). Embody your inner muse at ANY age in this stunning garment. 

Ruffled Shorties 

Yoni recovery… if you know, you know! The female body is truly a magnificent thing. We are the vessels that bring spirit into the physical realm. This most divine gift does not come without pain or consequence! Those early days mothers spend connecting with their newborns are an essential part of rehabilitation and return to their new normal. Our Ruffled Shorties are loving to a tender yoni and perfect for lounging around with a baby in tow. Crafted with a sturdy, yet stretchy, Bamboo Terry, these cozy bottoms are also anti-microbial- perfect for the early stages of postpartum healing.

Whether you're gifting for your own mother, grandmother, your little one, or yourself- we hope your heart is led by love and gratitude this Mother's Day.

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