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Meet the women of Fusion Threads Collective

Posted by Haley Hamblen on

With new growth comes new opportunity.

The Fusion Threads Collective's mission has driven us since our inception: "To create a conscious and collaborative community through sustainably handcrafted clothing".

We have quickly flourished with the support of our loyal and loving patrons and have found ourselves with the ability to invite new creatives to join us in our mission. 

When our head designer, Mariel, moved to Chattanooga in September 2020, the path was unknown. With more than 100 miles between them, Mariel and our master dye artist, Galit continued to find success sharing their unique creations. 

As the weeks went on, one thing became clear: Fusion Threads was ready to expand. 

A new friend, Haley, was invited to collaborate with the founders of Fusion to photograph the well loved "October Moon" collection. All excited with the project's result, Haley was quickly offered a formal position in the Fusion Threads Collective. 

Over the course of the next few months, the three sisters dreamed of finding a physical studio space to continue their creative journey and acquire more space for an additional seamstress they hoped to find. 

By the end of January 2021, a humble studio space located in Chattanooga's historic Highland Park secured. With a few weeks of DIY renovation work executed by Mariel and Haley, the space went from bland basement to visionary venue for creative exploration.  

February brought a new burst of excitement when a talented, local seamstress and dye artist in her own rite brought new life to the sewing station. After only a few days of training, Audrey was already in the Fusion flow. Offering her a permanent seamstress position was a no brainer and production began booming. 

We now find ourselves in a perfect place as spring comes in with the promise of new growth. We honor the divine, synchronistic timing of our journey into the present moment. We are excited to continue exploring our mission and creating with a new sense of purpose and joy. 

Looking forward, we aim to consistently release designs for our curated and made-to-order collections, as well as experimental exclusives and fun collaborations. We are so delighted with our achievements as we continue seeking flow and balance of production and play in the Fusion Studio. 


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