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Exploring Elemental Inspiration In Our New Spring Colorways

Posted by Haley Hamblen on

Within the collective of Fusion Threads, we often reflect upon our “why” as creators. One of our biggest reasons we have chosen this path is to support others in building a sense of self-love. So we aim to make garments that make the wearer feel effortlessly beautiful. With a strong “why”, the question of “how” always follows. Strongly connected to the natural world, we have learned to find solutions within it. We believe beauty can be found using a concept of biomimicry in our colorways.


According to the Biomimicry Institute: “Biomimicry offers an empathetic, interconnected understanding of how life works and ultimately where we fit in. It is a practice that learns from and mimics the strategies used by Earth’s inhabitants and natural processes. The goal is to create products, processes, and policies — new ways of living — that solve our greatest design challenges sustainably and in solidarity with all life on earth. We can use biomimicry, not only to learn from nature’s wisdom, but also to heal ourselves and this planet in the process.” 


It would be easy to leave it at: the colors of nature are beautiful, so others will feel beautiful wearing them… but we think there is a deeper explanation that is worth investigating. It is hard not to feel a sense of grounding, belonging, oneness, and pure peace when you are immersed in the environment. It is sensual, deeply connecting, and confidence boosting. We think these feelings are crucial elements to perceiving beauty in self. Each of us are a product of the earth’s surface and rely on its wellbeing to sustain us. In exploring the elements that inspire our newest colorways, we hope to paint a picture of the profound, instinctive connection we all share with our beloved Gaia.

Enchanted Forest

As the shifting sun moves closer, its golden rays gleam new life upon the land. Forgotten corners of the forest reawaken with magic and mystery. As mushrooms revive the forest, we are reminded of the importance of the life/death/life cycle. Life can only thrive upon the decomposition of the past. All that sustains our lives with the coming of spring could not continue without the grimness of winter. As we honor the present, we must honor the past. The enchantment of life is a symbiosis between the light and dark in all that exists.


Thunder bellows and brings with it storms that adorn our skies with deep blues and rich purple hues. With the rains, we are blessed with the promise of returning abundance among our fields and forests. After the scarce winter, we rejoice in the growth of a new bounty. As native blooms resurrect from the shady underbrush, we too are revitalized and break free with new hope.


As frozen waters begin to flow freely once more, we also shake the frost from our bones. As warmth returns, we commune along the banks of crystal rivers and vast ocean shores. The cleansing baptism of the season’s first plunge is a feeling like no other. Never do we ask the river to cease its cascade. Nor do we ask the ocean to halt its tide. Yet, despite their constant change, these waters never fail to sustain the life of all earthlings.


Our ancestors had eternal faith and understanding that their environment would always sustain them. They knew the struggle of winter would bring them the abundance of spring. They knew a storm is not to fear, as it comes to replenish the land. They knew that the passing of old life was never to dread, as it is an essential element for new life to thrive. They knew that the course of the stream was perfect, as Earth was perfectly designed. Just as the elements, they too knew they were perfectly designed themselves.
At times it may seem as though civilization has forgotten this vital wisdom, but our bones forever carry our ancestral instincts. When immersed in the elements, feelings of peace and grounding wash over our bodies. It is as though we intuitively hear Mother Nature whispering, “You are home. You are safe. You are provided for. You are perfect”. 
To feel beautiful is only to remember our ancestral wisdom: nature is perfectly designed. In all of your phases, in all of your darkness and lightness, in all of your changes- you too were perfectly designed. 
The presence of nature’s wisdom is woven into the fabric of every Fusion Threads garment. Bamboo, cotton, eucalyptus, and hemp fibers hold the reminder of our connection and belonging within this earthly ecosystem. Each piece is uniquely colored with dyes sourced from environmental elements to symbolize the perfection and beauty in all that graces this planet. We hope you feel just as united with Our Mother adorned in your Fusion Threads as we do creating them for you. 

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