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What is sustainability?

Posted by Mariel Rico on

We hear and talk about sustainability all the time in this space (ethical fashion communities) and I feel that it’s usually only in terms of the environment, and our carbon footprint.

Did you know that sustainability actually accounts for three major sectors? Environment/planet, profit/economy, and equity/people. It is not just about environmental sustainability, but encompasses cultural and financial sustainability as well.

While we really do work to be an environmentally conscious brand - using only natural and/or organic fibers, selling scraps, minimizing waste, minimalist packaging etc, I do not consider us an “organic fashion brand.” There are other brands who do this so well but it is not our foundation.

We use procion dye for our color schemes and have to use Dawn soap to ensure all the dye comes out and to prevent bleeding. We use more bamboo and tencel than hemp (even though most hemp clothing also has cotton and spandex in it). We care a lot about artistry and boldness and creating wearable art that is inclusive and respectful.

Ultimately, our passion lies in social and cultural sustainability. And economic as well. We believe that as a sustainable fashion brand there is a responsibility to be constantly learning about our cultural and communal impact, influences, and sources of inspiration. There is a social contract to be respectful, transparent, and adaptable.

Too often the sustainable fashion sector can seem like an intimidating community that only the elite have a place in. We want to be more human and more humble than the picture perfect image many have when thinking of organic clothing.

The dream is to be able to employ and create income and wealth for ourselves, other women, femmes, non-binary folks. The dream is to create a company culture that cares, and a home for those looking for a progressive and exciting work environment. The dream is to have the resources to be able to lift communities up.

We are currently working towards investing in regional, small, family run manufacturers so that we can expand our offerings and our widen our circles.

We should always be aware of our carbon footprint and conscious of our environmental impact. But there is more to sustainability than this and investing in businesses with a cultural ethos is just as important.

At the end of the day, supporting ANY small business is impactful. It changes how society operates and brings us back to our local and psychographic communities. It creates wealth for people other than just straight, white men, and those who already have the majority of the power.

We are so far from where we want to be but getting much more clear on our intentions.

Much love,
Mariel and Galit ✨

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