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Home Decor Release

Posted by Mariel Rico on

Wow! We cannot believe this day is finally here!

This first collection of home decor pieces has been a long time coming.

We started the process for this collection last November, in 2019! After playing around with the idea of bedding and tapestries, Galit mentioned the idea of having rugs that featured her geode dyes and I lost it...I mean how amazing would it be to have such a big, funky statement piece in your living space? I knew I had to have my own 'Midwest Sunset' rug to be the center of my home.

The beginning of the process was not that new to us and really just involved Galit dyeing large bolts of fabric in the individual color schemes and then us choosing the best ones to send to have professionally image captured, which we had done by a mutual friend in Los Angeles that was recommended to us by another amazing tie-dye artist.

The next step was probably the hardest part - finding a manufacturer in the states that was both capable of creating the type of pieces we were looking for, aligned with our values, and willing to work with us.

After reaching out to friends and other artists in the community, we had to make call after call to find the factory that was the right fit for us.

We did and were able to fill out an application, and then found out we had to wait until the second week of January so that they could fulfill all their holiday orders before taking on new clients.

Our manufacturer started as a small, family run business in North Carolina (the heart of the Carolina Textile District) and we are so thrilled and proud to be working with a smaller, regional company that is only 3 hours from where we both live. This factor is important to us since we strongly believe in supporting local and regional businesses and uplifting those in our community.

Since January, we have been raising money, buying samples, playing around with the artwork, dealing with inevitable shipping and manufacturing setbacks in the midst of a pandemic, and getting ready for a photoshoot that had to be pushed back due to said setbacks.

It has been a lot of work but we are so happy with the samples and how our photographer was able to showcase this new collection!

These pieces will still be made-to-order with a turnaround time of 2-4 weeks. Because they are not being handmade by us, we have less direct control over the quality of the pieces so we are offering returns for up to 30 days after shipping to ensure customer satisfaction.

This is all new to us and doesn't come without growing pains but we were ready to take the next step and increase production outside of just our four hands.

We hope you all love these and look forward to hearing feedback!

Endless Gratitude,

Fusion Threads Co.

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