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Fusion Threads Co. was founded in 2018 by Mariel Rico after years of cultivating a passion for female empowerment, handcrafted textiles, and community. Rooted in the values of fair-trade fashion, Fusion was created with the intention to empower not only the women who wear Fusion Threads but also the women who make the clothing. Mariel knows that the empowerment of women leads to strengthening entire communities and that all women are deserving of feeling confident, independent, and supported. True to Aries nature, she has always been full of fire and the desire to build something that gives all women permission to stand in their power. 

Mariel is a lifelong seamstress and before starting FTC, she graduated with a degree in fair-trade fashion (through the lens of female-empowerment) and spent 5 months in Peru working with women artisans under a small fair-trade brand. 

 In 2021 Mariel met Audrey Loyd, a Chattanooga based seamstress with experience in costume design and dye art. After making hundreds of handmade masks throughout 2020, Audrey realized her talents behind the sewing machine could become a full time position. With their values and styles in alignment, Audrey joined Mariel as a partner and an essential part of the FTC team. True to Virgo nature, her organization and attention to detail has elevated nearly every design and facet of the business and their partnership continues to allow the brand to flourish. 

Victor Ko

Mariel Rico

Founder, Lead Designer

K.a Joben

Audrey Loyd

Co-Owner, Production Manager


Through tremendous growth and expansion, the business has evolved from a dream that existed in tiny corners of our homes into a budding brand on a mission to inspire customers to live authentically and comfortably in their own bodies through sustainably handcrafted clothing. 

 Mariel and Audrey believe that empowerment in the fashion industry is intrinsically tied to embodiment; how we feel in her bodies, rather than how we appear to others. Fusion believes that choosing what you wear every morning is the first opportunity to drop into the body and into your intuition, and that dressing from an embodied place empowers you to make all decisions from a place of alignment. 

For this reason, the entirety of our collections are comprised of comfortable and easy to wear garments that are also beautiful and flattering on the body. We know that when women feel comfortable in the clothing they wear, they are able to relax and be the most authentic version of themselves.  


Every piece of clothing in the Fusion Threads studio starts from a roll of raw, organic or plant based fabric. The fabric is then hand-dyed in our seasonal or staple colorways, cut into either made-to-order or ready-to-ship pieces, and sewn by the FTC team. 

Every piece is currently made, from concept to creation, in our Chattanooga studio. Fusion believes that a commitment to sustainability should be foundational to any consumer goods business and that creating high-quality clothing that lasts is essential to challenging the disposable nature of fast fashion companies. Every seam is stitched at least twice to ensure longevity. 

Fusion uses luxurious natural fibers and low-impact fiber reactive dyes. Because of the high-quality of the fabric as well as the intensive dye process, we never throw any scrap materials in the trash and instead turn all remnants into adorable accessories, which can be found under our 'minimal waste' tab. 

We firmly believe that all women are entitled to beautiful clothing that fits their unique shape. To honor that belief, we offer made-to-order collections throughout the year. With MTO, you are able to pick any design you love, your favorite seasonal colorway, and input all of your measurements into the order form so that we may make you the perfect garment for your body. 


100 Cherokee Blvd. Chattanooga, TN

Mon - Fri: 1o:00 - 6:00