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How to Participate in Our Monthly Releases!

Posted by Mariel Rico on

Hey Fusion Family!

Are you confused about how to order from our ready-to-ship releases?

We are here to help!

Remember when you were able to place an order for any design, in any color, and any size?

After 2+ years of made-to-order offerings, we realized that although it is amazing to receive a custom piece, it's a lot easier said than done when your team consists of only one person dyeing and one person sewing, and both carrying the weight of everything else that goes into a small business.

So after being honest with ourselves, we realized that doing custom orders was no longer aligned with our creative process.

When we were just fulfilling custom orders, it made us into machines. There were high expectations from customers for pieces to look like the photos on our site (nearly impossible with the dye process) and the work itself felt draining and uninspiring. There was no room for soul, inspiration, or creative freedom.

It is honestly awe inspiring how drastic this shift has been for us both. When we made the decision to stop doing MTO, it was partially because we couldn’t keep up with all of the orders, but mainly it was because simply fulfilling orders strips us of flow and intentionality.

What makes Fusion so special, is that we have two people who seek to master their crafts.

We try so hard to make garments clean, well-fitted, and most importantly to highlight the incredible dye work.

We believe that all of this is evident through our most recent creations and that every month we will get better and better.

Now that we get to mess around with colors (which vary month to month), a standard color chart isn't relevant anymore. Meaning that we get to branch outside of the limited 10-colorway box of dyeing and explore the rest of our creativity and intuition, as well as a new approach to color theory!

And we promise that these ready-to-ship collections are worth the loss of the made-to-order.

Nevertheless, there has been some confusion about how the new releases are supposed to work!

As much as we'd love to accommodate everyone's return/exchange requests, we simply can't anymore and here's why:

Each piece on our site is one-of-a-kind. This means that when you find the duster you love - you might not be the only one - so you will have to check out quickly in order to ensure you will be able to place the order. It is first come, first serve. We cannot accommodate exchanges for other pieces (especially during the first hour of the release) as they may be in another customer's cart. 

Every single piece is intentionally designed and dyed. They are all works of wearable art.

Creating in this way allows us to set boundaries around our time and creativity, and to offer collections that are made from the heart.

We know that release days are chaotic and many of our customers are overwhelmed by the idea of items being extremely limited, but do not worry! We are updating our 'release week' procedures in order to ensure clear instructions and smooth checkout processes.

We are now offering:

  • price/collection previews the day before the sale
  • instructions on how to place your order for the perfect garment!

Here's how to order from us.

  1. On the home page and under the ready-to-ship tab, you will see the featured monthly collection
  2. Click on the listing of the piece you're interested in (for example, Lace Muse Duster)
  3. Now that you're on the listing, you'll see a drop down menu featuring the titles and sizes of each garment.
  4. If you click on an option that's interesting, the listing will automatically scroll to a photo of the piece.
  5. If that piece looks like what you're trying to buy, go ahead, add it to the cart, and proceed to check out!

Please take your time when ordering!

We want to reiterate that we cannot swap pieces if you find a color you like more after purchasing your piece, as it would potentially mess up the checkout process for another customer.

Starting November, we will be sharing the product listings the day before the drop so that everyone can get a size/price/garment preview before the chaos of release day.

We hope this makes everything clear and easy for future collections!

Any questions or ideas about what we can do to make this process easier?

Let us know in an email or DM on Instagram! We always appreciate feedback.

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